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A day trip to Decorex....

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I had a fantastic trip to Decorex last Sunday.   I have been meaning to get there for the last two years and finally I made it!  I had three friends exhibiting there, two under the umbrella of Design Nation and another as an independent brand.  The show was much bigger than I had expected and had such a range of high end products.  I never knew rugs were such big business - perhaps I should look into that at a later date.  

I was thrilled to meet Emma Jeffs and see her work in person.  Having seen an article about her in Selvage, I could understand how I had missed her work up until now.  Having a jewellery background myself, it was interesting to find out how she had a fascination with the same thing.  Although our work is very different I think we share some common ground.  I thought her wall panels were a delight to see - the complexity of the fabric manipulation was intriguing.  And of course, I am a big fan of green!!!!

As mentioned previously, my friends and fellow SEAM members Anna Gravelle and Angie Parker were exhibiting their beautiful work too.  Anna's trade mark is tufting and laser engraving on leather and wool.  She was fortunate to have collaborated with another company to create her wall panels - it must have been a joy to work at such a large scale.  Anna was also showing her new leather foot stools for the first time there.....

Anna Gravelle

Angie Lewin was exhibiting on the same stand.  I really love her vibrant woven rugs.  I have always wanted to have a go at weaving - perhaps one day Angie?  I really hope they got a lot of interest from the show - one day I hope to exhibit there too.

Angie Lewin

As I said there were so many amazing brands there, including some I would love to work with in the future.  I also saw the most extraordinary channeller and crocheted lampshades!  I have never seen anything like it!

Well, I had better get on..... Trying to finalise the last few things about packing - getting closer to the store being open!

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