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Lifestyle shoot!

Bristol cushions interior design lifestyle photoshoot photography The Forge

Last week I finally got to do my photoshoot at the Forge, off Christmas Steps in Bristol.  I am really pleased with the photos, but I found the whole experience quite stressful and very tiring!!  I really needed a glass of wine at the end of that day!!!  I hadn't realised how hard it would be and how many props you need!  I had taken a huge amount of things with me, but I could definitely have done with more, such as a rug or more plain cushions.  I had bought some lovely flowers from Myrtle Mee in Bath, which looked great in some of the photos.  When I got married 10 years ago I got my flowers from there and have done ever since.  The photos were mostly for the slideshow on my website - as you can see the space that needs to be filled is very wide.  This made taking the photos quite tricky in the space we were using.  


I hope you like the photos!

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  • Liz Jewett on

    What a great website, very clear, clean, cool and stylish. I like the comments ,the photographs , the layout and the beautiful designs themselves.

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